dapps ecosystem establishing right participation intent of adopters via proof of Loyalty, Stakes, Intent and Expertise over Blockchain

Infrastructure that incentivises adopters with good intent or action and penalises adopters with bad actions

Whitepaper Abstract The Cryptoeconomic way

Application Infrastructure eliminating need of subjective trust and ensuring right intent of adopters participation


Deployed Contracts

Libraries deployed over Ethereum blockchain to build apps without any prior knowledge for Ethereum Programming.



Utilities and Libraries providing Escrow Infrastructure to apps built over Adopters Contribution Contracts



Tranparent reputation management algorithms ensuring fair feedbacks by removing incentives or penalty while reviewing yet preventing Sybil attack


Frontend Libraries

Reusable frontend libraries built for ReactJS framework



Messaging libraries for on and off blockchain enabling peer to peer and public communication



Incubate selected proposals semi-annually to leverage libraries, development team and other ecosystem resources in return for tokens distributed to current Adopters.cc loyalty pledge algorithms.

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Governence utility

  • coinvoting.github.io
  • Enables voting with number of voter's coins for Ethereum or any ERC20 token powered organisations without requiring coins to leave voter's wallet.
  • Powered by IPFS and Ethereum and can be currently used by any ERC20 backed organisation for coin voting
  • Further releases aims to automate community proposals and decisions.


Work in Progress


  • deciether.github.io
  • What can you do over 0.1 Ether?
  • Members offer gigs starting at 0.1 ether
  • Inspired by fiverr and mechanical turk, solving subjective trust using crypto economics.

Adopters Voice

Requirements Stage


  • Voice contract is quintessential to establish right ecosystem.
  • Adopters.cc aims to establish a platform to discover great potential products filtering out the bad noise and exposing ones with great feedback from initial adopters.
  • Initial adopters will be distributed Adopters.cc tokens fairly using weighted average of their reputation using the product.

Pledge Tokens

Requirements Stage

Governence utility

  • Adopters pledge token by putting it in vault for a specified time.
  • Amount of tokens pledged for a particular time signals Adopters participation in the ecosystem.
  • Adopters are incentivised with tokens contribution from other organisation coins built over Adopters.cc infrastructure.

Your project with tokens

  • Contribute your proposal to github repository.
  • Selected proposals provided support from incubation till launch of organisation.
  • Development team and marketing support provided.

The crypto-economics way

Using economic incentives defined inside the system to encourage desired properties to hold into the future